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Hakuma is not merely a green drink. Hakuma is the idea of being better than ever imagined. It wants to be more sustainable than society could ever have expected. It is all about believing in something, even when the rest of the world thinks it is a little crazy.
Perhaps you have to be crazy if you invest all your money, time and future in a drink. So far being different certainly has not been a problem for the three Hakuma guys. On the contrary, in an attempt to create something new these guys came up with the Hakuma recipe.
Even when Hakuma’s recipe was born, they put together bits and pieces in a new and creative way. Christian was strolling through the Vienna Naschmarkt (street market) when he suddenly found himself in a matcha store. Surrounded by many green drinks, he found himself clueless. Of course, he also tried one of the drinks and low and behold – the idea of Hakuma was born.
It did not take long until Max and Sebastian were on board. Ok, at least on the flight to Japan. This was the beginning of a very long journey. Creating, searching, despairing, and finally successfully ending a tour de force, in which a year passed by, as if it were only one day.

Arriving in the here and now Hakuma is ready to explore new avenues with you.

hakuma makes friends
hakuma makes friends
hakuma makes friends

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