Hakuma Matcha

Matcha in the mix

Hakuma is a remix of the traditional Japanese Matcha tea and tastes different than anything you’ve tried so far. You can take my word for it, or you find out for yourself. Five more good reasons to try our drink are mango, lemon, ginger, agave and baobab.
green, natural & invigorating.

We have often talked about whether or not we should even bother mentioning the word ‘organic‘, as it seems to go without saying. For the logically minded, of course Hakuma is made from ‘organic‘ ingredients. However, not everybody would expect that right away. That is why we are only going to say it once and we are only going to say it very quietly: everything is organic.Almost supernatural.


Big in Japan

Hakuma is all about quality, so much so that we even flew to Japan in search of the best organic matcha. We wanted to know and see exactly where our ingredients come from. Why are we telling you this? It is simple. We want to underline just how important excellent quality is for us. Now we know our matcha suppliers personally. We have faces that go with the names when we read our e-mails and we recognize the people when we see their photos.We are taking our turn at the self-serve station.



We could talk morning, noon and night about matcha. Fearing, however, that you might not have enough time, we have put together a few facts for you.


  • theine will perk you up.
  • antioxidants strengthen your natural body’s defenses.
  • l-theanine will calm you and put you back on the right track again.
  • catechins and carotenes protect your cells.
  • chlorophyll from the leaves helps to detox.
Hakuma Matcha

Matcha tea is precious and deserves to be treated as such. Best treatment for the best quality. During the entire spring the tea leaves doze away under black vinyl sheets. Sometimes a little sun gets through, but for the most part, they doze away in the shade. By the time they are ready for harvesting the leaves are firm and juicy.ust perfect for this incredible colour of Hakuma. The entire leaf is ground to powder and can be found in each and every bottle that we produce.Matcha – no strings attached.

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